Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO Office was established in 2016 as a natural progression from our Consulting Services Division. As UIT’s footprint continues to expand leadership focused on increasing the company’s role within the Value Chain.

Currently the PMO Office has and continues to provide Project Management Services to the following Organizations:

  • US Government Contracts

  • UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

  • Pakistan Army

  • Global Aerospace & Defense Industry

We are providers of Technical & Logistical solutions, along with professional services, delivering quantifiable cost savings and improvement in mission readiness to our customers. We are experienced in delivering solutions that combine a range of logistic support principles, ensuring operational flexibility and sustainability at optimum cost.

Currently the Services being offered include:
  • Contract Management (Infrastructure & Asset Development)

  • Coordination of Contract Performance

  • Inspection, Delivery & Documentation (Certification and Standardization)

  • Technical Training (Currently offering: Operator & Maintenance Training Courses)

  • After-Market Support Solutions (In-House Solutions to Support Legacy Equipment)

  • Technical Services (On-Hand Engineers & Technicians for delivery on Service(s) Contracts)

  • Logistic Support (Real Time Tracking and Delivery of Goods & Services)

  • Security Solutions (Deployment of Armed Security, Armored Vehicles & Safe Houses)

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